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I can't draw, can I still study design?

Drawing is a skill and, like other skills, can be taught. There's a lot of drawing involved in the course, but not everyone can draw when they first arrive. In the first year you'll be doing quite a lot of drawing classes. If you're worried that you can't draw very well, the answer is to practise, practise and then practise some more. 100+ hours are devoted to drawing over two years of study. This kind of 'hand skill' training is something you don't get at computer institutes, which tend to teach only on computers. In any case, at AiDC, we help our students develop both drawing and computer graphic skills alike.

What qualification can I get from the course?

After two years of intensive vocational training, students will be awarded a Certificate.

What is the normal course timetable?

The classes are 3 days a week, 2 hours day. Two year course with 4 semesters. The total course duration is 500+ hour.The class time is 7:00AM - 9:00AM. (Confirm other time with the administration)

Can I really learn to be a designer in with 2 hours a day class?

The two year intensive course is design in such a way that students get the most out of every single hour. We have developed 500+ contact hours of course work and supported by self research, assignments, projects work and internship. Each term is spread to 5 months having a 120+ contact hours. With knowledge in a diverse range of areas including illustration, typography, desktop publishing, photography, packaging, identity development, multimedia, and campaign development. Gathering skills and technical knowledge in a diverse range of areas, you'll graduate with the ability to find creative solutions to problems using your own individual style.

This is a Certificate course but don't employers want graduates to have a diploma or a degree?

Not necessarily. When employing a designer, anywhere in the world most employers would initially look at an applicant's portfolio to see what their work is like. If their work is poor it is unlikely they would ask the applicant in for an interview regardless of their academic achievements. At AiDC we believe the design portfolio is paramount. By the end of the course you will have a complete printed portfolio showcasing variety of your skill and talent. Feedback and refining from professional faculties will guide you to putting your best works into your portfolio, giving you the confidence to apply for graphic design roles immediately after graduation.

Is there much homework?

On like other courses where students are seated whole day for lectures and get homework, being a creative course at AiDC student learn by doing assignments and projects, that is the best way to enhance individual’s creativity and analytical skill. The course has been designed insuring student’s maximum participation with interesting contextual assignments. We recommend minimum three hours of dedication per day beyond class for assignments and projects but this could vary depending on the brief. At the end of the day the majority of students complete this course as they want the best possible chance of obtaining a design role when they graduate. Therefore what you put into the course will be reflected by the quality of your portfolio.

Who teaches the course?

The lecturers at AiDC are all passionate professionals who are keen to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of creative talent. The majority of faculties are industry professional with a wealth of technical knowledge, and experience, who are trained and studied degree courses from the best institution across the Asia Pacific region. All are exceptional designers and great mentors. We also invite guest lecturers to share their knowledge and experience from the graphic design and other industry.

I'm already working in the industry. Is this course going to be worthwhile?

Yes. Many of you designers are self-taught in the software and design skill; however our experience shows us that majority of the designer lack the knowledge from basic design principal, color perception, hand skills to systematic problem solving skill. Majority of designer in industry are layout designer lacking critical thinking, resulting their stop in career growth beyond Senior Designer. Whatever the reason, these students benefit enormously from studying at AiDC, where their skills are fine tune and enhanced by combination of theories and multiple practical assignments.

How do I get to be an Art Director or Graphic Designer?

First of all, you have to understand the difference between these roles. They can appear to be very similar before you get into the industry but in truth they are very distinctive. Essentially, a Designer works in design and an Art Director works in advertising. In publishing, both titles are used. Once you understand the difference, you can start working towards the job you favor. At AiDC, we help you hone your skills towards this objective. In the final 4 Semester, students can specialize on any one of the subjects design or advertising.

Does the institute offer internships with business organizations?

Yes, our course includes placements of students in relevant companies where they are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and enhance their portfolios and resumes. During their work attachment, students establish good ties with these companies and very often, receive job offers upon their graduation.

Can AiDC help me find work after I complete my course?

Being able to source opportunities and apply for them independently is an important step to entering the workforce and is something that we encourage. However, we are regularly approached by industry that are looking for talented designers and are always happy to recommend graduates. We not only provide our students with the opportunity to seek work experience, we also make sure that every student graduates with a professional portfolio including their personal business card and letterhead. We also have a annual exhibition that is well subscribed to by top professionals in the design and advertising industries.

When can I start my studies at AiDC?

There are 2 intakes within each academic year - July and October. Each semester is 5months, which allows students to start their studies twice a year at a time most suitable to their schedules. These intakes also ensure that our graduates enter the workforce at two separate times throughout the year.

Are there any prerequisites to join the course?

Candidates must have passed 10+2 (any stream) or equivalent with minimum of 50% marks obtained in the final examination to be eligible for the course. After submitting complete admission form and passing Skill Test and interview, you are eligible to join course. We just want you to be passionate about learning design.

I want to enroll. What now?

Great! Collect an Application Form from the institute or download from our website .Complete as instructed and submit with your Application Registration Fee of NRs. 500. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions on the application form.


I have more questions about the course?

Contact us! We’re always happy to help out with any questions you may have. Or PARTICIPATE IN OUR OPEN DAYS. For date and participation email to